2009-05-0280005 resized I had to add a little congratulations to one of the KCU guys who has been living with us this past month!

Robert came in third place in the Carter County 5K Run Against Cancer!

I’ve been so impressed with Robert, Michael, and Andrew (our three KCU students who’ve become part of our family)…they all run daily..

That’s what it takes to win a race..daily commitment..perseverance..determination.

The Christian life is so much like this..daily commitment..perseverance..determination.

Thank you, guys, for not only being great inspirations to me with your running passion but also great inspirations to me in your spiritual walks.  I’ve loved your conversations around the table about your class.  2009-05-0230006 resizedYou are all amazing! We will miss you the rest of the summer!  You’ve been amazing houseguests!  God knew just what I needed for the month of May!