I’ve been reading about all of the feasts God set in place for the Israelites as reminders their rescue from slavery, their time of wilderness wandering, His never-ending love, His unlimited forgiveness, His constant presence, and His call to times of rest………..

God knew that in order to never forget the past, there was a great need to celebrate memories in the present and the future.

I’m planning to attend a training Saturday entitled “Celebrate Recovery.”

This Bible-based program helps people who are living with any sort of addiction.

This morning I’m thinking about things I need to celebrate more openly, and I’m wondering how I can become a person who is keenly aware and appreciative of all God has done for me throughout my lifetime.

Today, look back on your life and choose a few milestones that are significant and think of a way to celebrate what God has done for you through these milestones….some will be good memories, some will be difficult memories.

When I think back on Nick’s journey through cancer, I see God’s hand all along the way.

As I think of Nick’s death, my heart breaks over and over again.

Yet, I know that God continues to step with me in every mile of my grief.

We have a God who longs to walk beside us, even carry us, on our happy days and on our sad ones.

Knowing this is true is reason alone to celebrate!

My prayer for you today is that you will look deep inside your soul and ask God to reveal reasons for celebration! 

I’d love to hear from you after you’ve given this some thought!   

Either by email or a comment below!

Know this!  YOU ARE LOVED!!