My quiet time today has left me with my mouth slightly open and my mind spinning.


As my study took me to the call of Noah, Abraham, Gideon, and Paul,

I was struck with the reality that “God called them to do things He wanted accomplished…..not things they were dreaming of doing.”


I don’t know about you, but I have some dreams.

I have some goals I want to reach, and I have spent a lot of mental energy thinking about and planning for these dreams to become realities.


I’m realizing more and more every day, though, just how insignificant “my” dreams may be in comparison to what God has in store for me.


The reality is this:

God accomplishes His work through men and women who are willing to join Him where He is already at work.


This doesn’t mean that we can’t have dreams.

This doesn’t mean we can’t set goals for ourselves.


But, it does mean that we need to be listening and watching for times when God is already working and leading us there…

And then be willing to jump in and join Him there in spite of our dreams and goals.


Life is not about our dreams and goals.


The story of Abraham was not about Abraham.

It was about God accomplishing His work through Abraham.


Our story is not about us.

It’s about God accomplishing His work through us.


As I think of our son Todd’s journey to Japan for the summer, it’s comforting to know that his journey is not about Him.

It’s about what God will do through him while he is in Japan.


When I think of our son and daughter-in-law heading to a foreign country this summer that I can’t  even mention on the Internet due to safety issues,

I feel more peace when I realize it’s not about them.

It’s about what God will do through them while they are there.


When I think of Evan and Olivia, I feel so excited knowing that God is writing their stories and that His work in their lives is the work that will transform others around them.


I feel excited when I think of each of you and how maybe reading these words today is part of God’s message to you.

Maybe God is saying to you today,

“Settle down and wait for me.  I’m already working, and I want you to join me but first I need you to listen and watch…..”


Maybe in the listening and the watching, your ears will hear and your eyes will see opportunities all around you in which you can join Him in ways you never dreamed possible.


God had to blind Paul from his own view of life before he was able to see life with a Heavenly perspective.

Allow Him to transform your vision today so that you can see life through His eyes too.


Wait for Him to make things clear.

When He does, step in to His story and see what He does through you.


This requires letting go of your dreams enough to hand them to God and trust Him with them.


Sometimes, He works through our dreams and plans.

Other times He transforms our dreams into His dreams for us.


Either way, it’s about Him…..not us.

Trust Him today.



Some trust in chariots and some in horses,

but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. 

Psalm 20:7

When we trust in Him, we are willing to wait on Him.

When we wait on Him, He leads us into His will for our life in His time.

Isn’t it freeing and exciting to know it’s okay to simply say,

“Lord, I’m yours.  Show me the way.”

And then just wait, trusting Him to lead.