In Daniel 8, Daniel has a vision in which he sees this happen in the heavens,

“The daily sacrifice was halted and truth was overthrown.”


Sometimes in life, I think this happens for us.

We get in a cycle of “getting things done, achieving our goals, and checking things off our list,” but in the midst of the everyday routine we forget about what is most important.


The One for whom all things were made.

I wonder if He ever looks down and wonders why we have made everything so complicated, so crazy, so hectic.

I think He longs for us to just stop and sacrifice some time for Him, sacrifice something on our list for Him, give up something on the altar FOR HIM.

I’m just wondering if all the things that are stressing us out would be a bit easier if we let some things go FOR HIM.

I want to lay everything on the altar for Him.

I want to say, “God, nothing matters without You in my life.”

And I want to know that before all the things I’ve said “yes” to you this year I’ve said “yes” to Him.

A sense of confidence and excitement wells up inside me when I know that He’s facing today with me.

And that He all that I am and ever hope to be is literally His.

He created me.

His Son died for me.

Why in the world should He not be worthy of my daily sacrifice?

The least I can do is do everything for Him……………because of Him, in His name.

I fail sometimes, and sadly, when I do…….

truth is overthrown.

It’s like a battle is constantly being waged between the truth and a lie…….

and I hold the possibility of victory in my hand by the choices I make.

I’ve been reading in Daniel about the appearance of angels to help in earthly battles; and I believe they still appear today when we call upon them, sacrificing all that we are and all we long to be for His name’s sake. 

Abraham was asked to give his only son, Isaac, as a sacrifice to God.

When he chose to obey, an angel appeared, providing just what he needed in place of his own son on the altar.

Sometimes in life, it seems that the demands are too high, the sacrifice too impossibly huge…….

but when we choose to do things for God, I believe He provides just what we need, too, in order to survive in that particular moment of greatest sacrifice.

What if daily all Christians chose to sacrifice something for God?

Time, money, energy……….

Can you imagine what could happen in the heavenly realm if we all said,

“God, here it is.  Everything I am.  Everything I long to be.  It’s yours.”

Can you see Truth being triumphant like I can?

Jesus says, “I am the truth, the way, and the life.”

I believe God is waiting for His people to unite.

I believe there is power in prayers that are God-focused not man-focused.

Today, I’m praying that all of us can offer our day to God as a sacrifice.

This means that no matter what pops up that we weren’t expecting, we can be “all in” for Him.

He’s on His throne with arms wide open.

He wants to hold all we have.

Give Him your day and see what He can do with it.

Believe me, it’s the only way I’m going to make it!