Johnny’s mom exemplifies a parent whose priorities in life leave her with no regrets in her grief.

Her words to me last night in the visitation line were precious,

“He was a gift.  I have no regrets.”

What mom doesn’t want to have those words on her lips in such a painful moment?

Praying we all reevaluate and get it right so that more children feel the love that so clearly

surrounds Johnny even in his passing on to the next life.

I’m so thankful for the witness of this precious mom this morning.

She comforted thousands last night with a smile and words of hope for all.

That’s what God does for a mom whose life is centered on Him.




As we pray for the Fankell family and all of Johnny’s classmates today,

let’s take time to pray for a world full of hurt and pain.


What have you been called to do today?

What you do for Him is what matters most………..

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