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This is Susan, another sweet friend I met at She Speaks.  Her blog “Runner Mom” enticed me one day as she sent out a challenge to any women interested in running early in the morning before the conference began. 

I let her know that I was really a walker who wanted to be a runner, but she encouraged me to come on out and join her!

What was I thinking????????

When someone’s blog is called “Runner Mom,” it’s probably because that’s exactly what she is!!  A marathon runner of all things.  And joining her was a friend who has been running for 8 years and Heather, who participates in triatholons!

Oh my!

What an opportunity to realize how far I have to go to become a runner!

As they jogged along in a row of three visiting about their lives, I panted and panted about 8 feet behind them unable to respond to any questions feeling the pain in every part of my body…actually muscles in my legs were hurting that I didn’t even know I had!

A few times, I had to humiliate myself and walk for a bit.  The girls were very gracious.  No one called me names like “loser, slacker, weakling, wimpy..”

I was thankful.

In fact, one time Susan came back to jog beside me and encourage me.  It gave me such a boost.  And they all cheered as I finished up several minutes after they were done!

Thank you, girls, for making me feel like I had a chance to make it over the finish line!  I doubted myself the whole way.

Isn’t our spiritual life like this in so many ways.  We see people who seem to be sailing along spiritually and we feel “weak.”  Not as knowledgeable in the Scripture, not as faithful in prayer, not as able to overcome our weaknesses..

We get to points in our spiritual life where the devil leads us to thoughts like, “What was I thinking?’ Who do I think I am to stay faithful in such a difficult world?”

What keeps us going?

A little encouragement.

Some cheers along the way.

Seeing that others are ahead of us and doing fine..knowing that we can follow in their footsteps.

Today, I don’t know if you are sprinting, jogging, or heaving along with a deep and painful pant, but I do know this.

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t stop!!!!  Push on!!!!

Jesus is waiting at the finish line..and let me tell you, it will be worth every ache and pain along the way to feel His embrace!

Longing for that MAJESTIC HUG,