I’ve started about ten different blog posts this morning.

I’ve deleted them all.

I’m just finding myself in one of those little seasons where my own words get on my nerves,

like I’m trying to think of something to say just to have something to say.

Ironically, this is exactly what I’m doing right this minute –

but for some reason I feel okay about these words, because at least I’m being honest.

I’m just in one of those wordless little episodes of blogging where I find myself soaking up a lot more words than I do releasing them.

Like a sponge that needs to be held under a faucet for a while, I’m feeling a little dried up in my word department. Smile

I’m reading about Moses right now in my daily Bible reading, and I had to laugh this morning as Moses stood before God and felt quite wordless himself.

I love that God was so patient with him, and I especially love how God continued using someone who seemed to think they had nothing to offer.

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to say, nothing to offer, when people need encouragement, hope, joy, peace, or purpose?

Do you ever feel like you are the person needing encouragement, hope, joy, peace, or purpose, and you just can’t seem to find someone to give you that “word” you need to make it through another day?

If so, then I understand you……..

because I have been the person having both of those kinds of feelings many times in my life.

I’m so thankful God has worked with people like me and you since the beginning of time.

He gets us.

And today, on a day when backspacing to delete my words seemed so much easier than clicking forward,

God somehow stepped in and said, “Let me have the keyboard, Tammy, you need My help.”

So, the forward journey this morning in this blog post has definitely not been me.

It’s been Him, and when He takes over, it is so easy to let go and just let Him use me to say something I never would have said on my own.

He wants to be our forward-moving helper.

He wants to be the One who gives us words to say; and even more than that, He  wants to be the one who gives us encouragement, joy, hope, peace, and purpose.

He is the Great I Am, and when we gets our attention and gets us to step aside, allowing Him to step forward,

the delete button doesn’t seem as needed as it did just minutes ago, because God is always working to

move us forward in His plan,

move us upward towards His throne,

move us outward to be His light,

move us inward to find His heart.

He’s a God of forward movement, not a God of backspacing.

On my own, I go backward, just like Moses trying to run.

But with God, I step out with courage I didn’t know I had, even if the movement is just my fingers on the keys of a computer.

I love that even when I feel like I am in a rut, God is moving me along towards something.

And He’s moving you too.

Don’t feel stuck today.

Don’t backspace today.

Let go and just let God take this seemingly regular-old-Wednesday and do what only He can do through you…..something spectacular!!

Maybe it’s making one person see His love in  a way they’ve never seen it before.

Maybe it’s helping someone find hope on a dark day.

Maybe it’s encouraging one student to find purpose in life when there’s not a lot of reasons to think there could be a purpose for his/her life.

I don’t know how God will move you forward today, but I do know this:

When we allow God to move instead of trying to move ourselves, He is ready, eager, and willing to jump in and take the lead.

I hope you have one of those days where you are fully aware of His presence in you, near you, moving you, and using you……….

the world needs you to be led by Him so they can find encouragement, joy, hope, peace, and purpose not through you but through Him in you.

I’m thankful this morning that God stepped in and stopped my backspacing so that He could move me forward in this post.

Have a great day!

I love you!