I love to think of life as a story.

A story being written as we move and breathe.


The Bible says God is the “author” of our faith,

and I have to believe that He pens our day much like a modern-day author pens a novel.

I’ve read a lot of books on writing and what I’ve learned is that many times writers allow their characters to make decisions they had not “planned” as the storyline moves along.

While the author holds the writing utensil, he often allows the characters in his story to help reveal the plot.


I think God is that kind of author.

He knows how the story ends, but He gives freedom to each of us as we move through our own personal journeys.

I love seeing God as this kind of writer and Creator.


I also love knowing that as each chapter of life ends,

He’s already thinking about the next chapter, and His plans are always good……


even when we’ve made decisions that weren’t so good along the way.


And even when life has been painful,

He can write beautiful things back into our story.


Great stories have tough chapters.


Great stories have dramatic plot lines.


God is the author of great stories.


And He is with us as each chapter ends.


This week is a big week for many kids I love.


They are going to end their high school chapter and venture into the next chapter.


I’m excited to see what God has planned for each them as He continues to pen their personal stories.


Maybe you are nearing the end of a specific chapter in your life.


If so, know that God is already working on the next chapter.


And know that He has already written a beautiful ending to all of our stories.


Sometimes it’s easier to end one chapter and start a new one when I know a book will ultimately have a happy ending.

I’m so thankful God allowed us to see the happy ending He has for each of us as we walk (and sometimes stumble) through the part of our story that takes place on Earth.