No matter how many times I begin to type, backspace and delete, and begin again this morning, I just can’t seem to start this Monday with words.

Sometimes when I find myself wordless, it’s better just to admit it and move on to something else like blow-drying my hair or packing Olivia’s lunch.

Because there’s something about saying out loud, “I have no words,” that causes words to flow.

Maybe that’s how it is with all things in life.


When we reach the bottom of ourselves and just admit it something happens that isn’t from us anymore.

It’s as if the simple act of admitting our emptiness fills us up with something even better than we could have created on our own.


I think that’s what God is talking about when He says we die to ourselves so that we can follow Him.


It’s not that He doesn’t value us, but He knows as our Creator that without Him we really are nothing anyway.

It’s in our opening ourselves up to His filling that we become full.

It’s in our releasing our grip that He is allowed to carry whatever we can’t.


Yesterday in Sunday school we listened to a message in which the speaker talked about the time in the wilderness when the Israelites were complaining about the manna and Moses was overwhelmed.

Moses went to God and poured out his heart.

He said, “This burden is to heavy for me to carry.”


God understood Moses’ problem and devised a plan, but Moses still found it overwhelming and once again went to God with a sense of bewilderment.


I love God’s second reply.


He simply said, “Is the arm of the Lord too short?”


I love that question!!

No matter what you’re facing today, take it to God and believe with all your heart that with God all things are possible.


His arm is not too short to reach you.


He cares about every detail of your life.


Trust Him today.