We’ve been searching for the past 24 hours for Olivia’s purity ring.

She took it off to put on lotion just before her bus left for a track meet.

And sat it on her backpack…….


That’s the last memory she has of her ring.


It’s easy to look back and think of all the things that could have been done differently,

but the truth is “nothing will change the fact that her ring is gone.”



Have you ever lost something you treasured?



When you do, life screeches to a halt.

Schedules change.

Thought-processes focus.

Steps are retraced.

Help is sought.

Priorities shift.



The good news is this:

We can replace a purity ring.



The reality is this:

Some things can’t be replaced that easily and so this “carelessness” of Olivia has become a teachable moment at our house.



Here’s the lesson:


Pay attention

Value things of worth

Don’t wait too long to ask for help

Be thankful you haven’t lost something of greater value




Today, as you venture out into another Thursday,

what do you treasure?








Pay attention

Value things you treasure

Ask for help when needed



I’m thankful today for how God speaks even through lost treasures………..