I went to the garden where my friends and I are beginning to enjoy the “fruit of our labors” one day last week and every tomato was green. Just a few days passed by before I returned, and I was shocked to find that almost every plant was now loaded down with red or nearly red tomatoes!
What a difference a day makes!
I have to say that this is true in my life at home too. One day I feel so barren and useless…the next day I feel vibrant, ripe, ready to conquer something new. I wish I could find a balance in this crazy thing called “life with a child with cancer,” but I can’t lie. I am struggling. The past few days I have tried so hard to stay busy, savor special moments, check things off on the list “things to do before the kids start school,” and simply enjoy BEING.
Today I feel edgey. We have big decisions to make today regarding Nick’s future treatments. So big that in a way I feel as if we are playing God. And yet I know deep in my heart that God is the only one in control. I am simply asking that you pray for us to have wisdom. Tim and I want to do the right thing. We want to make the best choice for Nick. Please lift us up today.
Thankful for all of you,