I knew it would happen eventually.

I knew a morning would come

when I would read the Bible

with other things pressing on my heart

with such force that every Word seemed tainted.


Angels visiting Abraham.

Abraham questioning their message.

And Sarah laughing at it.

Cries against Sodom and Gomorrah being heard by God.

Abraham bargaining with God in order to save his family.

Lot hesitating when told to run from the city.

Angels grabbing his hand to pull him and his family from the destruction.

Lot’s wife looking back after being told not to.

Then becoming a pillar of salt.

And Lot’s daughters choosing a very disturbing way to carry on their family name.

Genesis 17 through 19 had very few verses lacking intense drama.

Verse after verse revealed the truth.

Humans are hard to work with.

Is today any different?

God still has the same desires.

Set us apart.

Fulfill His work through us.

Save us from destruction.

The cycle goes on and on.

Yet I’m so good at keeping the wheel of imperfect humanity spinning.





Looking back.

Taking matters into my own hands.

I’m Abraham

And Sarah

And Lot

And his wife

And even Lot’s daughters.

All rolled into one.

Would the Bible read any differently if it contained my behind-the-scenes thoughts and actions?

Would it read any differently if it contained yours?

Isn’t it easy to write a great story

when we’re the one holding the pen

or clicking away at the keyboard

or posting the pics?

But what if we handed the power to someone else?

What would the world see?

I know what they would see in my life….

and it’s not always pretty.

I get hurt

and disappointed

and frustrated

and even angry.

I say too much

or not enough.

I question.



Look back.

And way too often take things into my own hands.

I’m the Old Testament story…….

all by myself.

So this morning as my mind is swirling and my heart is beating a little harder than I’d like it to be at this hour of the morning,

I’m thankful for a God who sent angels to warn and even grab hands.

I’m thankful for a Father who chose to use imperfect people

to fulfill a perfect plan.

Scripture promises that He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

So I know He’s doing the very same thing today.

Whispering gentle warnings.

Pulling me out of harm’s way.

Using me in spite of myself.

That’s how God worked in the beginning.

And I’m so glad it’s how He works today.


But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you,

for my power is made perfect in weakness.

Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses,

so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

II Cor. 12:9