track april 23 018

Sitting at Olivia’s track meet last night, I was drawn to the view on the other side of the field.


One lone man.





The view must have been perfect for him.

Maybe he liked the quietness of a stadium filled with noone.

I’m not really sure what drew this lone man to the opposite side of the track, separated from the rest of the cheering fans.


But whatever it was, he stood there most of the evening.

And when I got home I was tickled to find that I had taken as many pictures of him as I had of the kids competing.


Every time I looked at him, I had this same thought.

Someone at this track meet has an audience of one.

What power there must be in running the track and looking up into the stands and having no doubt that the ONE person you need cheering you on is there.

No searching the crowd for the right face.

No listening closely for the right voice.




Your audience of one stands clear compared with the chaos of cheering on the other side of the track.


God is so much like this.


When we look up and wonder if He’s there,

He longs for us to have no doubt.


He’s there.


He’s watching.


Our solitary God is cheering us on in a world full of chaos.


He pulls Himself away just far enough for a perfect view yet stays just close enough to show up in everything around us.


From sunrises to flowers blooming to leaves falling to children laughing to elderly people speaking words of wisdom.


He is here and He is speaking.


Today, if you’re wondering who’s watching you as you wake up, get ready for school or work, or prepare for a day of errands,

He is.

If you wonder who’s watching you as drive here and there, as you interact with friends or co-workers,

He is.

If you wonder who’s watching you as you make every little decision throughout your day,

He is.


I love knowing that no matter how crazy and loud and mixed up this world gets,

I can turn to the bleachers on the other side of life and know without a doubt that God is there.

Centered, steady, and faithful.


He is our audience of one.


His cheers are all we need.


Let’s live for Him today.


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