Like a puzzle box filled with hundreds of pieces, life sometimes seems like a mixed-up, unrecognizable series of events.

Slowly, the pieces fall into place and along the way you get a glimpse of the “whole picture” only to be surprised when a few more pieces are added that transform the whole scene into something entirely new and  unexpected.


I’m in one of those revolutionary times of “puzzle-piece placing.”

Maybe that’s why I’m up at 2:24 a.m. when I have an all-day meeting bright and early tomorrow.

Here I sit, reading a book Tim ordered for me entitled, “Born to Rise: A Story of Children and Teachers Reaching Their Highest Potential,” while Tim sits across from me unraveling all of my hundreds of Nick emails I’ve written through the years……..

See, I’ve been in a conflicted mess for several years now – – –

Knowing that Nick’s story needs to be told,

feeling the call to share his story in some way that might help others who are grieving find Hope in their anguish,

struggling to relive the hurt yet knowing that in my pain I developed  an intimate, unshakable relationship with God,


longing to make a difference in the little world around me as a mom, wife, educator, church member, and friend.

So, tonight, new pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.

For the very first time, Tim and I are able to read some of Nick’s story and laugh at the sweet memories.

And I’m finally able to read a book about improving public education and get excited about my career in a way that makes me want to do big things like contact the author of this book and say, “Teach me everything you know!”

I’ve wrestled even in the dog days of summer with what in the world God has been up to in our family’s life.

A constant gnawing, a restlessness, an eating at my soul.

Writer’s block like never before.

Spiritual warfare has taken a toll on me, but I’m so excited tonight because I feel a breakthrough coming!

It may be months away or even longer, but I can feel the Potter at work and I am thankful!

My prayer tonight is that you will also feel His Hand working in your life too.

He longs to mold us each into something beautiful.

potter and pottery

The process of becoming a beautiful piece of pottery involves lots of shaping, reshaping, spinning in circles, and eventually facing the fire of the kiln….

So hang on tight.

It will probably hurt from time to time along the way.

I don’t think His work will be complete in any of us until the day we stand before Him and hear the words, “Well done,” but I do believe that we can begin to see glimpses of the finished product the closer we walk with Him.

Like an incomplete puzzle or unfinished piece of pottery,

we wait for the touch of the Master’s hand.

And as we wait, we trust that He has a beautiful, finished product already planned.

“He who began a good work will be

faithful to complete it.”

Phil. 1:6