Wordless??????? Never……

September 30th, 2010


Is it possible to be “wordless” but still have something to say?

I sat here this morning staring at the screen, half awake, thinking of all of you who stop by this blog from time to time.

I found my mind wandering between so many different thoughts and yet not really settling in on “one thing” that seemed especially significant today.

And then I realized that the significance of every day should be the same, the significance of every thought should be the same.


Truthfully, in the midst of all that our family has on our calendar THIS truth is what keeps us pressing on!

So, this morning I didn’t have words.

But God reminded me of HIS LIVING WORD…….the reason I ever started blogging.

So that I could share my heart and HIS WORDS………when my words get in the way, it’s time to STOP AND REGROUP!

I felt this morning as I sat here feeling wordless that God was gently saying, “Tammy, my children are never wordless…..because I have given them My Son who is THE WORD.”

JOHN 1:1-5

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men.


Thankful this morning for God’s Word, His Son, Jesus Christ,


They are home!!!!!!!!!!!

September 29th, 2010


end of september  0070

This is our house yesterday morning at 7 a.m.!!

Erich and Mallory came through for a few hours on their way back to Nashville after their honeymoon!!  Hugo was so glad to see them!!

Todd and Olivia were heading off to school!

Evan was home from college to do a day of his internship with my friend, Kristy, who is a physical therapist in our town.

It was wonderful to have all of them here together even if we only had about 20 minutes.  Such a sweet reminder of how WONDERFUL Heaven will be!! No more goodbye, see you laters, or wish we had longer…..

Heading off to school this morning for FCA!

Until tonight, I love you all!


Battlefield of the Mind: Week 13

September 28th, 2010


A Judgmental, Critical, and

Suspicious Mind

I’d like to say that this type of “mind trouble” has never been part of my life, but sadly, I have to admit that it has.  I believe I have made some progress through the years in this area, but there are still times when my first thoughts in certain situations on not positive ones.

Matthew 7:1 is very clear.  “Judge not so that you will not be judged.”  I don’t know about you, but if God is giving me any sort of “control” over how strictly I will be held accountable for my actions, then I want to do what I can to keep that level of judgment as low as possible.  In other words, I need to focus on my own sins and allow God to deal with other people’s shortcomings.

It’s so easy to see this scenario played out in children and even call them out as “not minding their own business” or “worrying about someone else’s problems,” but in the adult world we seem to lose sight of this philosophy many times and justify our spirits of so-called “holiness.”  

What if every one just concentrated on making themselves a better person? 

How different would the world look?

How different would the church look?

I’ve often said that when I get to Heaven, I think that if for some reason I see someone there and I act shocked as if I am thinking, “How did “THEY” get here?” then a trap door will open and I WILL BE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, there is no room for judging, criticizing, or being suspicious in God’s eyes…….

In Romans 2:1 God says that there is no excuse or defense for those who judge and condemn others….that’s a pretty serious statement!!

I am going to try my best to follow the words of Psalm 16:23-24,

The mind of the wise instructs his

mouth, and adds learning and

persuasiveness to his lips. 

Pleasant words are as a honeycomb,

sweet to the mind and healing to the


It is good for me to remember that in the end the only one standing before God with me to give an account of my life will be me?  If I truly believe that, then I don’t need to worry about other people’s behaviors, because God has everything under control.


He is the PRINCE of PEACE.

When I try to play His part in the story (the judge), I lose what He longs to give me (peace).

Praying that today you will have many peace-filled moments!

Oh, Erich and Mallory stopped to sleep for a bit…they should be here in the next 40 minutes!!




They’re on their way!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 28th, 2010



Erich and Mallory have been in Italy for a week on their honeymoon and are on their way to our house tonight to pick up their puppy Hugo!! 

They are planning to arrive here about 4 a.m., wake us up so we can watch them open their wedding gifts, and then go to sleep until noonish so that they can drive back to Nashville tomorrow afternoon.  Erich has to be back at work on Wednesday, and I’m pretty sure he is A LOT of 12-hour shifts ahead of him (in a row) to make up for missed days and to pay for their fun trip!! 🙂

I can’t wait to hug them!!!  It was so good to hear their voices on the phone tonight!  They sounded so happy!

I’ll add pictures from their trip soon!

Much love,



September 27th, 2010


It’s been a LONG time since I sat down and actually watched a tv show with Tim and the kids.

Amazing Race use to be a family favorite with Nick, and it felt good tonight to sit down and enjoy some family time doing something “normal.”

As the show ended, another show began that I had forgotten even existed.  It is called “Undercover Boss.”undercover boss In this show, presidents and CEOs of companies go undercover as employees so that they can see how their businesses are being ran from “the inside out” without being recognized as “the boss.”

undercover boss picture undercover boss picture two

By the end of the show, the boss learns two things.

First, they discover employees who are invaluable and who need to be promoted.

Second, they find weaknesses in their business that need improvement.

Tonight, as I watched the CEO being brought to tears time and time again as he worked side by side with his employees who had tough life stories and yet great work ethics, it made me think about how I would be perceived by an undercover boss.

It also made me think about the reality that God does not have to go “undercover” to observe my work ethic or my attitude.

I am in tears tonight after watching employee after employee be praised and rewarded for their tireless work and great attitude in spite of many tough life situations.

I am humbled as I think of how whiny I can be at times about working full-time this year.

I want to do everything I do as “unto the Lord.”

He is my not-so-undercover boss.

When I stand before Him one day, I want to hear the words,

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Just so you know…….

September 24th, 2010


I’m not at the beach. 🙂

But I’m also not at school this afternoon.

I decided that taking a half day off to be at home and get mentally and spiritually prepared for the retreat this weekend was exactly what I needed!

I’m sitting on my back porch listening to Nick’s wind chimes play beautifully in the breeze while surrounded by books, notebooks, and my Bible…….

This is my favorite place to be and my favorite thing to do.  Erich and Mallory’s dog Hugo (we are dog sitting while they are on their honeymoon) is so happy I am home!  He is enjoying some fun time in the back yard!!!

I have not forgotten our Battlefield of the Mind study, I promise.  I will post the next chapter very soon. 

I love you all and want to say THANK YOU for sharing life with me when I am everything from sad to happy, stressed to relaxed, down or up….

So thankful for a Father who accepts all of my emotions too.


Soaking Up the Son……..

September 23rd, 2010


beach scene

I’m not sure if it was Erich and Mallory’s wedding four hours away or Evan being hospitalized for almost a week recently or teaching full-time in a brand new job or trying to get ready for two weekend women’s retreats or remembering that I still have a family who needs to eat and a house that needs to be cleaned or a combination of all of the above that has sent me to this level of tired, but I am sure that somewhere along the way I came to the realization that …….

I need a few days to sit on a beach with a good book and NO PHONE SERVICE!

The smell of the salty air and the sound of the waves rhythmically hitting the coastline make my heart beat just a little more calmly.

The thought of pushing my toes down into the sand and leaning my head back so that the rays of the sun warm me from top to bottom brings a peace that I just don’t experience while zipping in and out of my driveway all afternoon after work for trips to the store, basketball practices, basketball games, church events, and every other outing that involves a car.

I’m reminded tonight, though, of Joyce Meyer’s words, “Where the mind goes, the man follows,” so I’m going to allow my mind to slip away to the beach for tonight.

Imagining all the emotions I would feel if I were sitting in a lawn chair just feet from the ocean’s shore is as close as I can get.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….I hear something sweet.

Is that the ocean that I hear or something even better?????

Psalm 93:3-5

 The seas have lifted up, O LORD,
       the seas have lifted up their voice;
       the seas have lifted up their pounding waves.

Mightier than the thunder of the great waters,
       mightier than the breakers of the sea-
       the LORD on high is mighty.

Your statutes stand firm;
       holiness adorns your house
       for endless days, O LORD.

I feel better already.

Soaking up His Holiness,



Sometimes what I want to say is bottled up inside.

It’s trapped somewhere between my mind and my heart.
It’s blocked by distractions, interruptions, commitments, schedules, responsibilities………life.
Those words.
Those never-ending words.
Yes, “what I want to say” is inside of me right now.
Screaming to come out yet very aware that right now they must sit and be still and wait………
Wait for a moment when the surroundings are quiet and life says, “breathe.”
I hope my words have a chance tonight.
I really have so much I want to say.
For now, I just had to say, “I love you all,”


IMG_0700_resize   Tim and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Everything about Erich and Mallory’s wedding and about their love for each other made this weekend one that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

IMG_0665_resize Erich and Mallory both wrote their own vows…wow..

They were so special.


After a wonderful worship service in the ceremony, Erich and Mallory slipped to the side and took communion for the first time as a married couple.

IMG_0594_resize This is just one of many “before the wedding silly photos” that we took. 🙂


I think Mallory was just a little happy to be walking to the reception!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so thankful to have another daughter.


Eye Exam………..

September 16th, 2010


eye exam Last night at church, our youth minister talked about “blind spots” and how our eyes affect the condition of our heart.

As I talked with my small group after the lesson (a group of high school sophomore girls), we looked at some different verses that talk about our eyes and where they should be focused.

This morning I opened my computer to find that this was KLove’s verse for today:

Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at God’s right hand.
~ Colossians 3:1

We didn’t look at this passage last night, and I wish we would have!  I hope I remember to share it with them next week!

For today, as you venture through all of your day’s many activities and appointments, I will be praying that you can “set your sights on the realities of Heaven!”

I love that phrase, don’t you?

I am teaching today and getting things ready for my sub, and tonight will be filled with packing and making sure I have remembered everything for the wedding!

We are pulling out early in the morning and heading to Virginia, so I will be away from the Internet until Sunday.

Thank you for praying for Erich and Mallory as they start a new chapter in their lives.

I love you all so much, and of all the things I do in the morning to get ready for another day of school, spending time with God and with you is definitely my favorite part!!

I am so thankful for each of you.

Take a minute to examine your eyes and ask yourself this question:

“Are my sights set on the realities of Heaven?”

I hope your answer is “YES!!”

Until Sunday,