A Song that Comforts Me Time and Time again…

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When this song is played on the radio, it is all I can do to keep my hands on the steering wheel.

Thank you for holding us, Lord.  Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “A Song that Comforts Me Time and Time again…

  1. Such a beautiful song, Tammy. I just got back from visiting a relative who is now confined to home due to a neurological illness, we were able to talk and the one thing she said that is the worst is not being able to do things. She used to help the homeless at the shelters, visit the sick, be a voice for the unborn and help comfort those who are mourning through the ministries of the church. Now she sits day after day unable to move or even speak much. It is heartbreaking. I think I will purchase this and send it to her to listen to. I think it is perfect.

  2. I just saw her at Soul Fest and she sang that song, it was amazing!! Not only did she minister through song, but also through her words. I hope you get a chance to see her, you will be blessed.