I was so shocked to see Jennifer Rothschild on the schedule as the speaker for Saturday evening’s She Speaks service!!


she speaks erich and marias classroom 031

I just couldn’t believe that God was allowing me to hear yet another of the amazing women who had helped me so much through Nick’s fight with cancer!  Our Sunday school class did Jennifer’s Bible study two summers ago (Walking by Faith.Not by Sight).  Jennifer lost her vision in her sophomore year of high school and has since become a national speaker and writer.  Her Bible study gave me such strength during Nick’s illness and even in his death, reminding me that faith is really all about NOT KNOWING what’s coming next..rather just knowing WHO’s HOLDING WHAT COMES NEXT.

As soon as Jennifer’s amazing message ended, I scurried out to buy one of her books and “get in line!”

I am so glad I did!

she speaks erich and marias classroom 034 I was able to tell Jennifer about Nick and how she had helped so much in his illness and death.  I reminded her about the lesson she teaches where she shares a story about fabric softener and how I had brought a box of fabric softener sheets to Sunday school that particular day to pass out to all the women to put in their Bibles.  I told her mine is still in my Bible and when I when I get just a little whiff of it, I think of her and Nick.

And it makes me smile!

she speaks erich and marias classroom 036I have so many She Speaks stories to share….

I have never been transformed so greatly in one weekend!  Thank you, Lord!