Gingerbread House Memories 2009

(You’ll have to pause the blog music to the right before watching videos.)

(It may take a minute for each video to load.)

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Thankful for a group of sweet girls who share life with Olivia, love Jesus, and remember Nick in such a special way.

He adored them all!

3 thoughts on “Gingerbread House Memories 2009

  1. What wonderful videos. It does my heart good to see such wholesome fun after all the bad stuff we hear all the time, especially here in Oz. If they can’t get drunk no one thinks it is a good time.

    These girls are making some wonderful memories to last them a life time and you are a special mom to let them make them at your home.

  2. Oh my goodness. These girls’ gingerbread houses are so creative! They did a wonderful job!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!