Just so you know…….

I’m not at the beach. 🙂

But I’m also not at school this afternoon.

I decided that taking a half day off to be at home and get mentally and spiritually prepared for the retreat this weekend was exactly what I needed!

I’m sitting on my back porch listening to Nick’s wind chimes play beautifully in the breeze while surrounded by books, notebooks, and my Bible…….

This is my favorite place to be and my favorite thing to do.  Erich and Mallory’s dog Hugo (we are dog sitting while they are on their honeymoon) is so happy I am home!  He is enjoying some fun time in the back yard!!!

I have not forgotten our Battlefield of the Mind study, I promise.  I will post the next chapter very soon. 

I love you all and want to say THANK YOU for sharing life with me when I am everything from sad to happy, stressed to relaxed, down or up….

So thankful for a Father who accepts all of my emotions too.

3 thoughts on “Just so you know…….

  1. Been thinking about you a lot today! Glad you could take some time to regroup! Hang in there, good things are in store! Love you~!

  2. May this retreat not only enlighten those who will be there listening, but for you to enjoy the closeness you have with the Lord. Blessings for you this weekend. Sandy from MD

  3. Everyone needs a retreat! Even Jesus rested on the 7th day….As Moms, and all the other hats we wear, we need rest, too, or we don’t do any of our jobs correctly…So take Jesus example and REST, REST, and REST.