In the midst of a long day at school, a long meeting after school, and getting to a quiet place (thank you, Jennifer) to interview Roma Downey……

followed by dinner (thankful for a crock pot and a friend named Topsy who taught me how to plan ahead) and all the things that consume me at home, I forgot to have the drawing for Mitch Albom’s two books Have a Little Faith!

I decided that I would have my students help me with the drawing today at school instead of trying to get that done this morning, so I will announce the winners this afternoon. Smile 

I wanted to share the two parts to my interview with Roma Downey.  The first part tells about her new project “Little Angels,” which you can learn more about by visiting www.littleangels.com.   The second part of the interview tells a little more about her personal life.  If you want to listen to these interviews, don’t forget to pause my blog music so you can hear her voice.


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Part One of Roma Downey Interview




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Part Two of Roma Downey Interview

I also wanted to share a new give-away opportunity which I think would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone with small children!!! 

I have four copies of Roma’s DVD “Liitle Angels – Animals (God Loves All His Creatures)” to share with you!!

little angesl

Even if you don’t have a small child, please enter this drawing and share the love of God with someone who does (or keep it to have at your house when company visits)!

I will announce the winners of the four DVDs on Monday evening so that I can get these in the mail on Tuesday….hopefully that will allow you to use the DVD as a Christmas gift if you’d like!

I love you all and thank you for sharing life with me!

God bless your Friday!

16 thoughts on “OOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ANOTHER GIVE-AWAY OPPORTUNITY!!!

  1. Would love to be in the drawing. Have a special little girl who lost her mommy this year that it would be perfect for. Thanks Tammy

  2. Tammy, I love that you are always so inpirational. Every post I read makes me a stronger Christian, and as a newer Christian, we need people like you to look up too! I love you!! ~Bonnie Barker 🙂

  3. Please include me for the drawing. I would love to share this with my four year old grandson and granddaughter. You do good things Tammy. Hugs, Sandy

  4. This would be a wonderfulngift forDavid as he grows bigger. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to win. You are a vlesing and thanks to roma for providing the gift.