Secret to Peaceful Sleep

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.
~ Psalm 4:8, NLT

I have so much to write since my last post……..

some hilarious slumber party stories from Olivia’s sleepover Friday night
some humbling confessions of how I handled frustration with a teenage son
some thoughts on fear that I have dealt with in the past few weeks
And the list goes on…..but this morning as I was having my quiet time, I read the verse above and knew that I had to share about yesterday first……….
The teenage son I mentioned above needed tennis shoes. Actually he has needed tennis shoes for quite some time but either his schedule or mine would not work for this adventure until yesterday. So after absolutely “losing it” with him on Sunday afternoon, I felt compelled to make our schedules work yesterday. We needed a positive time together.
Unfortunately, as we walked through the mall to the shoe store, my cell phone rang and it was one of Nick’s physicians informing me that Nick’s bloodwork this same day had come back showing that his hemoglobin was well-below the level that is safe. So, after several phone calls and many held-back tears, the decision was made for Nick to have a blood transfusion this morning. I survived the mall with tears floating in my eyes.

My husband and I decided not to tell Nick about this transfusion last night, because he had a friend coming over to watch Monday night football and we did not want him fretting through the evening. It has been so long since Nick has had an IV. We knew he would be terrified.

As the evening closed and bedtime came we chose to simply wait and and tell Nick in the morning. Shew! Going to sleep knowing that Nick did not know what the morning held and yet knowing what I did was very difficult.

And yet………

Nick was great! He was saying funny things as he got in bed. Simply soaking in the moment. Making us all laugh. He had no care in the world.

And when this morning came and he heard the news, he handled it with strength and beauty. I knew God was with him as he simply said, “What time do we have to leave?”

So, as I read the verse above and think of last night, I am overcome with emotion.

See, just as I knew what Nick’s tomorrow held and he did not…………our Father knows what our tomorrow holds (good or bad) and He is with us, He loves us, and He longs to keep us safe.

SO…………………..peaceful sleep is offered to us every night…………….

No special medicine required!

Simply faith in our Father who knows our tomorrows………..and promises to be there……..

7 thoughts on “Secret to Peaceful Sleep

  1. Wow is that great! What a wonderful post and reminder to us all. We don’t know what tomorrow holds even if we think we do!!

    Love you and praying still,

  2. Hey Tams,
    I always gleam such truth and beauty from your posts. How could I know when your words come from a beautiful heart.

    I absolutely love how you related that you knew the truth about Nick’s tomorrow and he didn’t just like the Father knows our tomorrows and we don’t. How precious is that.

    Sweet blessings.
    My love and prayers are with you!

  3. God’s promises are all so precious..and it is great when he can give us a real life lesson to make them so clear. Praying for Nick today (and for you!)

    Love ya,


  4. Tammy,

    That is a wonderful post! I’m so honored to be able to pray for Nick and all his family during this time. I cannot imagine all you go through, but do know it is difficult.

    Isn’t it awesome how our God takes care of us.

    Loving and praying for you my friend!

    Take care!


  5. What a special post.

    My 14-year old son is also terrified of IV’s. It’s gotten better as he’s gotten older, but there are still usually some tears and he’s drenched in ice-cold sweat and shaking from head to toe by the time it’s in.

    Just thinking of our kids having to face this fear on top of everything else is enough to put me in tears also.

    But it is the grace of Steven and Nick and the other children that inspires me again and again.

    Thank you for sharing that.

  6. Tammy,

    Again, you have such beautiful words of wisdom.

    I’m glad that we don’t know about tomorrow and get to live each day as the moments unfold. That is where we find God’s grace, as we struggle to understand the lessons He puts forth for us each day.

    You and Nick are such an inspiration, you don’t even know.

    Thank you also for showing us how our prayers are helping. It was so wonderful to hear how Nick responded to you when he heard what his day was bringing.

    We continue to pray each day for your family.