Standing Still

Just wanted to share a song this morning that means so much to me.



Praying that today no matter what you are facing, you have time to

“stand still and let God move”

5 thoughts on “Standing Still

  1. Tammy, This was just what I needed today. Wow, I love this song and Praying for Nick as I always do.
    God Bless,

  2. I love those lyrics…

    the father has a plan
    though it’s hard to see it NOW
    storm around rages
    tossed to and fro
    not sure which way to go
    reached the end
    answer will come
    only in His time
    stand still
    let God move
    standing still is hard to do
    you feel you’ve reached the end
    He’ll make a way for you
    enemy surrounds you
    and walls closing in
    tide swiftly rising
    NOT a moment His arms weren’t reaching out.
    Rest assured and be secured God is moving right NOW.

    He is moving in our lives. Powerful, Tammy.

    I just wanted to sketch out some of those powerful words.
    Much love,

  3. Tammy,

    What a great song and the lyrics are so true too!! Sometimes it is just so hard to not “step in” and try to do things ourselves. I fail miserably in this–I need to stand still and let God move!

    So happy to hear Nick is doing well and was even able to go to church this past Sunday!! Praise God!

    Your new room is absolutely beautiful and the smiles on your family and friends faces show the joy it is bringing to all who enter. God is blessing you and now you have blessed me today!