F.R.O.G., Fully Rely on God, is such a cute little phrase.

Living it out, though, isn’t always so easy.

Disappointments happen.

Loss hurts.

Rejection stings.

I met so many women this weekend who are facing such incredible situations in their personal lives and yet continue to try living in such a way that they “Fully Rely on God.”

How do we rely on Him when the carpet is pulled out from under our feet……..

sometimes more than once………

We cling to His Word even when tears blur the promises.

And we cling to each other……knowing that we don’t face our struggles alone.

I’m thankful for my time away this weekend.  I was refreshed, reenergized, and reminded that God’s love is never ending, His family is filled with beautiful people, and eternity is going to make all the difficult things we face in life seem like a foggy dream.

Lady Raiders051

I knew it was going to be a great weekend when I received this hilarious “FROG” hat from Tammy Andrew and Laurie Muller! 

Lady Raiders060

I couldn’t believe it when another one of my dear college friends, Georgia, who I hadn’t seen in over 20 years, hopped in!  She has been involved in work in Haiti ever since we got out of college! I’ll share more about that soon.

Lady Raiders082

Lindsey and Rachel, precious students from KCU, were also at the retreat! Lindsey actually rode up with me and helped navigate the twists and turns on the curvy roads!  I appreciated her company so much!

Lady Raiders083

College friends from two of my worlds (CCU and KCU) came together to serve God by organizing the entire event!

They were quite an amazing team! I love you, Jennifer and Lisa!

Olivia had such a good time sharing the weekend with me.  It was her first women’s retreat, and I am so thankful that she came along!

Olivia was determined to conquer the ropes course!

Laurie and I, on the other hand, were just hoping the ropes course didn’t conquer us. Smile


I had to “fully rely on God” while walking on wires over 40 feet in the air.  I also had to depend on ropes to hold me up!

Being with friends was wonderful.

Facing the ropes course was inspiring.

Best of all, meeting so many Christian ladies who are striving to FULLY RELY ON GOD in their day to day lives left me feeling so thankful!

I LOVE being with women and sharing the love  and power of God!

It was such a blessing to spend my weekend at Elkhorn Valley Christian Camp!

I was thankful for the almost $900 love offering for Nick’s Foundation, too!! This will help restock our supplies for memory boxes!

Fully relying on Him even when I don’t understand His plan,