Thank you for your prayers…..


Thank you for your prayers for Tim and for the families of the two gentlemen who passed away over the weekend after a tragic accident.

I wanted to let you know that Wednesday’s service was so special.  Ronnie had written a note to Deanna over a year ago when he had major heart surgery and had told her not to open it unless he didn’t make it through the surgery.  She had never opened it until this past weekend and Tim was able to read it out loud to the congregation during the service.  It was priceless.  I thought to myself that really all of us should write such a letter just in case…it was such a gift to all who heard his words about being with Jesus now and to hear his request for those left not to be sad.

The second funeral was today, but I didn’t get to attend. I was working at the funeral dinner.  However, I heard that the service was beautiful ,and I did get to see several of the small private airplanes as they flew over the cemetery (there were nine in all) as a final salute to this precious man who loved flying so very much.  It was a moving moment to see plane after plane go soaring over the cemetery at such low altitudes.  The final plane flew almost straight up (this plane actually belonged to the man who had passed away) and it looked as if it were heading straight to Heaven.  It was amazing.

As I write tonight, I see faces of so many in my mind who were at each service and I wonder how they are tonight.  I pray that God is wrapping His arms around all of them and just filling them up with His love and mercy.  i know they need it.  I know, because I need it too!

There’s nothing like the pain of grief.  Nothing I can compare it to. 

All I know is that God carries me from strength to strength just like it says in the I cling to that promise that I will have just enough strength for the “next thing,” and when it is over that I will have just enough strength for whatever is next.

One breath at a time. 

That is my prayer tonight for these two families……

That they will feel God’s presence from strength to strength.

Thankful for each of you in such a powerfully special way,

3 thoughts on “Thank you for your prayers…..

  1. Tammy
    Your comments are comforting, as if I actually was able to be a part of the service there in Grayson. Made me feel closer home.
    Thank so much for sharing.

  2. I love how God works sometimes…I was watching a video last night and the speaker was talking about the verse “those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength” and how God will give us the strength for the next breath we need when we feel like we can’t go on. As I was watching I thought.. “I have to share this with Tammy”…so I come to your blog and God has already revealed that to cool is that? Love you girlfriend!!

  3. WOW!!!

    Now those kinds of stories make me smile! Affirming that God is working from all sorts of directions in all of our hearts! He longs to get through to us, doesn’t He? Thanks for being open to His words, Jody!

    And Carol, I’m glad I could help you feel a little closer to Grayson! We miss yoU!