Thankful Thursday…coming soon

I’m off to work and will write about the next chapter in Choosing Gratitude when I get home this afternoon, but for this morning I will leave you with this question (the title of the next chapter)…


Whiner or worshiper?

Which one are you?


Looking forward to sharing with you tonight. 


4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday…coming soon

  1. I would love to be able to say that I am always a worshiper but there are times, to be truthful when I can be a terrible whiner. I do believe though by the grace of God I am becoming better.

    Looking forward to hearing about the chapter today.

  2. Can we be both? I hope I am more the Worshipper than the Whiner but it’s difficult to tell sometimes. Interesting question!

  3. Jen and Rose,

    I am with you both! I hope we can be both! I think we can! Paul says that things he wants to do he doesn’t do and the things he doesn’t want to do he often finds himself doing…..I’d say if he struggled with making the right choices all the time that we can too!

    I love you both!

    A whiner and a worshiper,
    Tammy 🙂

  4. Amen to your reply to Jen and Rose. Just finished studying Acts and some of the things that Happened to Paul makes me so thankful for the “minuscule things that happen in my life.