Brandon, one of Nick’s best friends, showed up at my house a few weeks ago all decked out in his brand new “Nick Wardrobe!”

He said that when he put on the jeans he had no idea that on one leg was a “three,” on one leg was a “one,” and on the pocket was a cross.

He was so excited, of course, because Nick is forever “13.” And Nick loved Jesus with all of his heart and soul….so does Brandon!

I couldn’t believe the necklace, belt, and belt buckle he had ordered! He couldn’t wait to show me and Tim!

God gave me Nick for 13 years. I had to give him back for now.

I am so thankful He left me with so many other wonderful boys to keep my heart filled with earthly love and hugs!

And special moments like this one with one of Nick’s dearest friends.

I love you, Brandon!