I had the honor of speaking at Ninevah Christian Church’s Ladies’ Christmas Tea this past Friday night, and I was blessed beyond words.

I wanted to share some memories from the evening and send a “thank you” to all of the men and women in Lawrenceburg, KY, who made the evening so special.

I also wanted to send my love and prayers to all of the women I met there who have lost children.  Remember, one day we will reap songs of joy.december 174_resize

I met some precious moms with broken hearts and shared the evening with Andrea, who misses her brother so much-

I know that Seth, Grant, Brittany, and Aaron are all safe in the arms of God.december 177_resize

Chad and Lauren, you are so cute!

december 154_resize december 155_resize december 156_resize december 157_resize

Janet, your tea sets and hard work made the night amazing! 

You made Mrs. Santa Claus look lazy! december 158_resize december 159_resize

Kelly and Lauren…..I love you! december 160_resize  Andrea, thanks for riding almost all the way home with me..it was so nice to have company driving so late at night.  I love your heart!december 166_resize december 167_resize december 168_resize

These wonderful men served the ladies all evening long, and they were precious.  Thank you for your service of love! december 169_resize december 171_resize

My table friends! december 172_resize Chad, you saved the day with your technology skills! Thank you so much! december 173_resize  december 175_resize december 176_resizeBlessed to know you all!