Where has this month gone?

September is creeping out the window and the cool breeze of October’s reality is frequently slipping in to replace it! I love fall with all of the colored leaves, pumpkins, mums, and CANDY CORN! (I think I actually like candy corn more than Boston Baked Beans!)

I have to admit, though, that as much as I love fall, there is something about this summer ending that is especially difficult for me. At times I look at our yard and all the summer memories we have made there; and I suddenly am overwhelmed with questions too difficult for me to even vocalize in writing. Without actually penning the words, I think you all know what I am saying.

Life is so uncertain. I trust God….but oh, it is hard sometimes to totally let go and know that no matter what we will make it.

At these moments of deep summer reflecting, I have to make a choice EVERY TIME. Will I allow the devil to overtake my thoughts and cause me to fear, worry, doubt, or dread the changing of the seasons, or will I allow the Spirit to lead me day by day, moment by moment, confident that He will never leave me or forsake me.? And just as confident that He will never leave or forsake Nick.

This is the truth:

None of us knows about tomorrow. None of us knows FOR SURE that next summer will begin the same as this one ends. That is one scary aspect of life. And yet, isn’t it freeing to know that God knows!? And He is already working to prepare us all for the next day, the next week, the next month, the next season.

Oh, precious blogging friends. I have written many of your names on my prayer board. I smile when I read your names and then in parentheses see, “blogging friend.” Isn’t God amazing? He has brought lives together that never would have met on this planet through the technology of computers!

I would love to add all of your blogs to my blog roll. When you have time, please post your blog name and address for me! I want to update my list. I also want to come to your blogs and leave sweet notes like you do for me. And if you don’t have a blog, please leave a note when you can with your email address.

I drove down the road the other day and saw my first tree of the season letting go of its leaves so beautifully in front of me. The leaves were swirling around in the air like miniature kites. I thought to myself, “And fall begins….”

Just as this tree knew that it was okay to let go of summer, I have to know it is okay too.

My prayer is that I can let go as beautifully as this tree…….and that I can embrace the colors of fall with all of their splendor knowing God holds the seasons in His hands just as He holds me and Nick ….

AND YOU! I love you all!