This spring I attended the She Speaks Conference in North Carolina where I had the opportunity to meet many wonderful women and hear many inspirational messages.

The one message that really stuck with me talked about how different our lives can be when we walk in the shadow of the cross. At the end of the message we were told to write down lies that satan has whispered in our ears about ourselves and give them to the Lord by bringing them to the front of the room and placing them at the foot of the cross….
Ad we came forward we were handed a slip of paper that had a “word” for us and a Scripture. Amazingly, they told us that they had prayed over all of these Scriptures and words asking God to orchestrate the evening so that the right Scripture would fall into the right person’s hand….
And that the message we needed to hear from God would be delivered to us through our Scripture.
I am going to confess that the word I wrote on my paper was “inadequate.”
So you can imagine the tears that came from my eyes when I was handed my little Scripture slip and on it I found the word “ABLE,” with the verse Habakkuk 3:19,
“The Sovereign Lord is my strength, He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to go on the heights.”
Alone I am inadequate.
But God makes me able!
Able to be a good mom to Nick as he faces cancer.
Able to be a good mom to Erich, Evan, Todd, and Olivia as they face normal life issues.
Able to be a good wife to Tim.
Able to be a good friend.
Able to keep putting one foot in front of the other………..
And believe me, some days that is ALL I am ABLE to do!
I just wanted to share this with you today as I found my special slip of paper in my Bible this morning and was reminded that while all of us face days where we feel inadequate we have to remember that
Praying God Leads You to His Word for Your Need Today,