It’s Friday, and I’m pretty sure the week has caught up with my body.

The snooze alarm was a pest this morning, a gnat that kept swarming…….

and I kept batting it away……..

Until I realized I had missed my chance for a leisurely morning. Now every second of the clock is passing more quickly than my heartbeat can keep up.

Coffee is brewing late. I’ll have to sip it while getting ready instead of under a blanket.

I’m not a fan of these kind of mornings, but guess what?

I don’t really get a choice when my mind won’t snap awake enough to know that the sound of my alarm is truly an alarm and not just an annoying beeping in my head.

What alarms are you missing today, pushing them away as if they aren’t really “alarming?”

Maybe health symptoms, maybe spiritual signs, maybe emotional troubles, maybe relationship red flags………

Don’t ignore these alarms.

Do something today.

Wake up!

I wish I would have…….about an hour ago!!

Happy Friday even if my eyes are drooping and my typing is short!

Love you all so much!