I ran to Morehead State University yesterday to deliver posters to some of the Chi Omega girls and Pi Kappa guys who are sponsoring a “Nick’s Week” next week at MSU for Nick’s foundation!!

I was shocked when nearly 50 students were waiting to see me!!! I was moved to tears.

These college kids are going to be spending the week hosting penny wars, having t-shirt auctions, and all sorts of other things to help raise money and awareness for the work the foundation will be doing in our community.


I am so proud of these students and so excited to think that on a college campus in America there will be a group of kids wearing t-shirts that they have designed that say, “Joshua 1:9” on the back!!!

I am amazed at how God is able to bring people together to do good things in so many different places!!!

My prayer is that these college kids will grow to love Him more as they reach out and share His love with those around them. And my prayer is that down the road if any of the students’ lives hit tough times, they will remember these days of taking something sad and using it for good….and maybe, just maybe, it will make their journey through trials a little easier to bear.


YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!