I prayed as I was drawing the name of the winner of Kurt’s book, Prayers for Today.   I asked God to lead me to the person who needed this particular book most at this time in life……

I knew that so many of you are in difficult places in life and wished so much that I could draw all of your names, but I knew that for some reason, there had to be ONE PERSON who needed this book NOW.

When I opened my blog to see which person’s number matched the one I had drawn, I discovered that the winner was………


Laura Jungeblut

Laura is a friend I developed a relationship with only through email during the time Nick was sick. Her husband was fighting brain cancer in Texas at the same time, and we were connected through a mutual friend.  We now both have treasures in Heaven, and I just believe that they are sharing eternity together in a very special way, throwing a football and praising God together.

Laura, send me your mailing address when you can, and I’ll send this book your way!

I’ll be having more give-aways very soon.

Thankful for each of you,