It’s one of those rainy mornings……….

Sunshine has been replaced by storm clouds.

Rain pours as thunder rumbles.

Darkness through every window makes this day feel somewhat cozy, as if God is saying, “Stay put, my child. No running. No errands. Nothing….but me.”

Isn’t that what storms do?

Stop us in our tracks. Make us change our plans. Impact all of our decisions.

In the blowing of the wind, I hear Nick’s wind chime ringing on the back porch……

Reminding me of our storm with him. His storm. That changed our lives forever.

Thankful for the sunshine after every rain. Realizing that everything is different when the storm clouds pass away…….branches are bent in various directions, leaves have been blown from trees….

Sometimes storms change the direction we are going.

Other times they take away things that are precious.

And yet other times they do both.

Are you in a storm?

I promise the sun will shine again…………even if things are very different on the other side of the storm.

Nick, your perfect storm, has changed me. Deeply. Profoundly. Eternally. You, my son, rest in God’s arms until I hold again. I love you.