Chapter six is extremely short and yet extremely powerful!

Basically, the chapter is making the point that when it comes to God and His Word and His promises, we have GOT to make a decision to BELIEVE!

In my life, I have had seasons of great faith and season of great doubt.  Joyce refers to these seasons of doubt as times when we are being attacked by a mind-binding spirit.

In this chapter, she very clearly says that we must pray and believe that God will free us from these evil spirits and destructive thought patterns.

For me, I relate most things back to my grief because that is a part of my life journey that is still very, very painful and very, very real.  I miss Nick so desperately that I sometimes think my heart will simply explode in pain.  I could easily slip into a spirit of depression, anger, bitterness, or other negative spirit.  However, I have chosen to believe God’s Word which promises that for Nick to be absent from his body means that he is present with the Lord.  I have chosen to believe that God numbered Nick’s days before one of them came to be, and that God was not shocked when Nick went Home earlier than I ever wanted.  I have chosen to believe that God will transform my mourning into dancing, so I wake up every morning “crying out to God” and trusting Him to hear.

Today as a series of events in a parking garage led me to a third option for parking my car, I discovered that a bright shiny penny was right beside my door as I stepped out into the garage. It was a 2008 penny..the year Nick died.  As I returned to the parking garage, look what I noticed that I had not even seen when driving in!!!!!!!!!!!!sleepover 0038_resize

I’ve parked in this garage many times through the years, but I had never noticed the name of the garage or the measurement of the parking clearance! 

sleepover 0039_resize

Nick gave himself the nickname 7-11 when he found out he had a second brain tumor at the age of 11.  His first tumor was at age 7.  That’s how we named his website in 2006.  (Click here to go to his website.)

  sleepover 0041_resize

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me that choosing to believe in You and Your promises is a decision I will never regret.

It is a decision that changes EVERYTHING about how I live.

Lord, even in my grief I choose You,