october 2010 065_resize

These benches in Amish country called my name….


Be still

Soak up the view in front of you


There’s plenty of room for you on this busy day, because no one is stopping to sit

Please, just stay a while

And be still

But did I?


I snapped a picture and was on my way…….

for more pictures

more shops

more scenery

more memories.

I wonder what I missed because I passed these benches by?

Maybe a precious interaction between Amish people out for a day in town.

Maybe a beautiful tree glistening in the sun.

Maybe just the quietness of Charm, Ohio, and the sound of horses’ hooves clicking by pulling a carriage.

I’ll never know what I missed when I passed up this chance to be still.

But I know I’ve learned something tonight as I’ve looked at this picture.

I won’t miss the chance next time.

The first thing I want to do if I ever return to that sweet little town is sit on one of these benches and simply “be still.”

So tonight, the thought has occurred to me that so many times in my “real world” I miss these very same chances.

A moment on my porch swing or a quiet moment in a chair.

Just to close my eyes and be still.

That’s what I’m needing and I don’t want to miss what that moment will hold………

Hoping you’ll close your eyes and have a quiet moment too.

Just to be still.