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I remember too well the hours sitting in waiting rooms as Nick had yet another MRI, another brain surgery, another chemo treament.

I remember the days and nights in those first few months after he passed away and how I hung on to one small thread of Hope just to get out of bed and get dressed for the day.

As painful as those memories are,

I don’t EVER want to forget what I learned in that valley;

 because I’ve learned no matter how long I continue to walk on this planet there are new ones waiting for me.

Mountaintop experiences do happen occasionally,,

but if I’m really honest there are plenty of days when I find myself walking down below.

Down in the valley.
The valley so low.

No matter how many times I’ve climbed out of one to see the light of day again, the next one seems just as hard.

Valleys keep me from falling to sleep or they wake me up in the wee hours of the morning.

Valleys make days seem long and nights seem even longer.

 Nick’s journey taught me something though,

and when I remember what I learned in those painful years of heartache and pain,

it changes everything about any new valley I face.

What I discovered in the valley of the shadow of death has the power to transform any situation where I am stumbling on a path that is overshadowed by the walls of life.

And isn’t that what a valley is?

A path engulfed in shadowy walls.

Pressing in.

Darkening our days.

And blackening our nights.

I’ve learned I have three choices to make while in the valley.

Three little choices.


I can choose to keep stumbling along, tripping over the same stuff,

the same problems,

the same worries,

the same burdens.

A choice I make way too frequently.

Or I can remember the other two options.

The ones that have the power to change everything about today because…………

 There Are Really Only Two Places to Turn in a Valley.


I have found that if I turn to prayer………….

even if I have nothing to say except,

“Help me, Lord,”

I begin to see a light.

I start to climb up one of the shadowy walls beside me, and I find myself a little closer to something with a view.

A view of more than the rubble-filled road that was once my destination.

I’ve also found that if I turn to His Word for comfort, I also hear His Voice leading me………….

up the other side of my shadowy journey into His purpose, His plan, His presence.

On my own strength, I’m a valley dweller.

My human nature pulls me there.

I’m so thankful God provides two ways out.

I can stay put if I want to………….He left that option open in order for me to feel free,

but deep inside I know

 There Are Really Only Two Places to Turn in a Valley…………if I truly want out.

Praying you’ll turn to Him and His Word today if you find the shadowy walls of life pressing down on you………….

and even if you don’t.

He’s in the valley.

He’s on the journey up.

And He’s waiting at the top.

“When anxiety was great within me your consolation brought joy to my soul.”

Psalm 94:19