John 12:3
Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume

Most the time when something breaks and/or spills, it is because of carelessness….

being in a hurry

not holding on tight enough

trying to do move something with unsteady hands

All three of those factors played into my little mess this morning. My mind was spinning with a swirl of “things to do,” but my body was longing for that early morning cup of coffee. So, hurriedly, I decided to brew a pot of my morning breakfast before diving into my list of things needing to be “checked off” my mental list. Of course, last night’s coffee grounds had never been thrown away, so the whole process started by doing what I should have done yesterday……prepare the place for a new filter…..and as they say,

“The rest is history.”

Before I knew it, the filter and its holder and everything inside of it went flying from my hand and splattering out onto the floor. Yuck! There’s just something about moist coffee grounds!

Fortunately, the clean up wasn’t too difficult and before I knew it I was back on my way to getting things done!

So I made my coffee, dove in to my classwork, and didn’t take a break for hours….Tim walked through at one point Saturday night and took this lovely picture. I had to make a pouting face. I was feeling sorry for myself…..

At one point during the day, Olivia and her little friend came through and plopped down – restless and tired of seeing me surrounded by papers. Part of me wanted to tell them that I really had too much to do to be interrupted but, thankfully, God whispered a thought in my ear that changed my day!!

I looked at the girls and said, “Want to go to the lake and feed the ducks?”

Both of the girls jumped in air!! They were so excited. We haven’t been out to the lake since last year……..Sue, remember your visit? That’s the last time I was at the lake……with you, your sweet friends, and Nick. Remember our hike? What a great day that was!!!

So, off we went!!!!! Of course we went to Speedway for drinks on the way. I got a pumpkin cappuccino to enjoy while watching the girls!!!

When we got to the lake, the girls ran around and played on the swings for a bit then we headed down to the rocks to feed the ducks. At first there were only a couple, but it was hilarious to see how ducks started coming from every direction….they must have a secret code for “Hey, someone brought old bread to the shore!”

The girls laughed and had so much fun! They found all kinds of shells which still amazes me! Where do they come from?

I enjoyed the cool breeze and warm sun, leaning back on a rock and just soaking in the sounds of fishing boats humming, hungry ducks squawking, and little girls laughing. It felt so good to take a break from all that was on my mind.

Sipping my warm drink, I thought to myself, “I am so glad I took a break and came here!!”

Then, wouldn’t you know it? I went to take a picture and it happened again……I made another mess!!

Just like my day had begun with coffee grounds on my kitchen floor, I now had hot (very hot!) pumpkin cappuccino all over my pants, socks, and shoes!!!

What was God saying?

Why was my day so messy?!?!

Then it occurred to me……..I had started my day so “stressed out.” I had tossed and turned in bed thinking of all the things I had to get done in the next two weeks…..woken up and went straight to my list of things to do…………..and it wasn’t until I took this break at the lake that I really heard God saying, “Tammy, remember what it’s important. Stay focused.” He brought the memory of the song, “Broken and Spilled Out,” into my heart. The words, “You spared no expense for my pardon… were used up and wasted for me…….”

Wow! I can’t believe that I so often need such a jolting reminder of what is important and where my treasure has to be. Sometimes I think God must get exhausted pulling me back to Him over and over again……..

It’s not about me feeling better. It’s about Him being praised for what He’s done for me.

That’s what God is calling me to. Praise and thanksgiving for all He has done.

So, I learned on Saturday that even in my carelessness God can speak. He longs to be heard…and I think I hear him best in my brokenness and in my spilling out of what is not important……..

But the more I think about the things that break or spill from carelessness, the more I realize that it is in the purposeful breaking and spilling of our spirit, our will, our desires, our dreams that God is truly able to see our commitment to Him.

I want to be broken and spilled out……for Him and Him alone!

If you want to listen to this song, you will probably have to push pause on my blog music to the right…….enjoy…….and have a “broken and spilled out” kind of day……..even if God has to speak through your messes……..