Last night as I was unpacking, Tim walked in and was on the phone with Mike Furrey.  Remember, Mike?  He is our dear friend who embraced Nick so beautifully as he fought cancer.  He used to play for the Cleveland Browns but just signed recently with the Washington Redskins.

Anyway, his foundation has been heavily involved with a family whose little girl is now fighting brain cancer and he wanted us to know that he had given the mom our phone number.  Their little girl, Faith, is very, very sick.  I asked for prayer for Faith months ago and included a cute little picture of her holding a teddy bear.  You may remember that too.

I ended up on the phone with Faith’s mom for over an hour last night, and I just felt strongly this morning to ask you publicly to lift her and her family to the throne of God.

I am including a link to her CaringBridge sight, but you may have to open an account to get to it.  Thank you for every prayer for Faith.  Click Here: Faith’s Story