Have you ever had a muffin with a glob of butter on top?

That one bite is loaded with unmistakable buttery flavor.

Life is kind-of like a muffin……

And the things we do in life become our butter.

When we do one or two things really well, there’s no mistaking our flavor.

But when we do a hundred things, the butter is spread so thin that no one really knows what we’re all about.

I’ve been a muffin with a thin layer of butter time and time again in my life,

and I’m thinking lots of you have too.

When Nick was sick, my world stopped.

“No” was an easy answer to any question set before me.

I knew my life was all about saving Nick.

And it felt good in a way to be so laser-focused in my life purpose.

Today, I’m back to being a little more spread out in my purposes and if I let myself, I can easily become overwhelmed.


I’m not taking life as seriously as I used to,

and I’ve decided my butter is WHO I am not WHAT I’m doing.

I am a child of God.

I am a daughter of the King.

I am separate for His purposes.

I am chosen.

I am loved by the Almighty.

I am called.

I am choosing thankfulness.

I am choosing joy.

That means that everything I do is now neatly swept under a glob of butter labeled “HIS.”

Who you are determines how you’ll handle what you do, and I’m praying today that if you are HIS you will allow that to shine through all the things in life that seem to spread you too thin.

I know you’re stressed.  I am too.

I know you’re sad sometimes.  I am too.

I know you’re overwhelmed.  I am too.

I know you’re discouraged at times.  I am too.

We have to remember WHOSE we are as we face each new day and give EVERYTHING to Him.

Take refuge under the butter of HIM and let the world taste His love in you and through you.

Psalm 34:8

Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.