This is our second oldest son, Evan, and our daughter, Olivia, who we adopted from India. They went along for the trip to Virginia this past weekend with us to support Nick at the motorcycle “ride-in.” Looking at this picture makes me smile, but it also makes my heart ache. Because of Nick’s illness, our family has really been transformed. Evan, now 18, was only 12 when Nick first got sick. He holds a lot of anger and fear deep inside. Olivia, now 10, was only 4 when Nick first got sick. She holds in a lot of insecurities and feelings of jealousy because of all of the attention Nick receives. Juggling all of our kid’s emotions has been very draining, but God has been with us every step of the way providing just what we need for the next day.

I am thankful for the smiles God still continues to place on our kid’s faces! I pray for them daily that they will grow and become stronger Christians because of the road our family is walking. I pray a hedge of protection around their hearts and minds as they see a side of life that is scary and unfair almost daily.

And I pray for all other children across this world who face illness directly or indirectly….that God will cover them with His neverending love.