I guess this week is all about confessing……..

So, here I go.

My morning started with words from social media.

One little tweet.

Words I somehow absorbed personally.

Words that made me feel “not good enough” or “inadequate.”

Truly, I read too much into words that weren’t even met for me,

but somehow they hung over me as I made my coffee and tried to make it to my Bible.

I confessed my shallowness to Tim.

It felt better just saying it out loud, just knowing someone heard me and “got” my moment of insecurity.

Have you ever been affected negatively by social media?

I read recently that there is actually a new type of diagnosable depression linked to social media caused by feelings exactly like the one I was experiencing this morning.

Good grief!  I don’t need to go there!

As soon as I realized I was being distracted by less than 140 characters on a screen,

I understood on a personal level how easily this happens if we allow ourselves to be distracted by words on a regular basis.

I then started questioning everything about Twitter, about Facebook, about blogs, about all the ways we communicate to large groups of people.

As I prayed and read the Bible after starting my day with such a moment of inner turmoil,

I realized God understands the power of words more than I ever will.

He spoke the world into existence with words.

He called prophets and priests and kings with words.

He healed with words.

He forgave with words.

He challenged with words.

He made promises with words.

But most of all, He is the Word.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:1

Today, I’m sensing that God is saying,

“Let me distract you from the world.  Don’t let the world distract you from Me.”

See, the devil imitates everything God is.

He’s a deceiver.

He’s everything God isn’t.

So he’s not a creator of anything new.

He’s a user of anything old.

And doesn’t he love to use words to pull us away from the Living Word?

This morning the devil distracted me with words.

I am thankful for a God who is gracious enough to understand my distraction and use it to pull me closer to Him.

If you feel distracted by Tweets, Facebook, blogs, or any other type of words this world sends your way,

ask God to transform those very words into a message from Him.

The devil is relentless.

But so is God.

Turn the world’s temporary words into a journey closer to the Eternal Word.

It’s the only way we’re going to survive in a word-filled world.


I’m thankful for His Words this morning.


And oh, so thankful for each of you.


I’m praying for all of you today.

Praying you are distracted by His Words.