Do you remember in April of 2008 when Jen and Trish planned “Nick Nischan Day?”4-5-2008 6-57-37 AM_0047_resize

Several hundred people joined us at church for a special night of worship, Nick received a key to the city from our mayor,  4-5-2008 7-15-49 AM_0070_resize

And NFL Player, Mike Furrey, flew from Detroit to Lexington and then rented a car so that he could drive another hour and a half to surprise Nick at the event???4-5-2008 8-45-38 AM_0073_resize Nick loved Mike Furrey, and Mike Furrey loved Nick.  They shared a passion for football but most of all they shared the same favorite Scripture verse, Joshua 1:9.

Mike shared with the crowd that Nick was his hero and that Nick had changed his life…..

transforming him from a football player that happened to be a Christian into a Christian who happened to play football.4-5-2008 8-19-32 AM_0075_resizeWell, our small town of Grayson and our small college where my husband teaches have had quite an exciting week!!  december 026

Mike Furrey, who was injured this summer while training with the Washington Redskins, has been named the Head Football Coach at Kentucky Christian University!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are happy beyond words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had to share this news.

The press conference is today.  I will take lots of pictures!!!

I just love how God never stops working!

Oh, how I’d love to see the grin on Nick’s face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!