It’s Thanksgiving Day 2013.
I’m sitting on the floor in my childhood bedroom and lots of memories are dancing in my mind.  
I rearranged this room probably 100 times as I grew up. 
I loved turning on music, cleaning every corner of this room,
moving my bed and dressers to new places, and then surprising my
 mom with the new “look.”
I’ve done thousands of sit-ups on this floor. 
My sister and I use to agree to do a certain amount before going to bed.  
Years later, we’ve both confessed to doing more than we said we would. 
Sibling rivalry even included exercise.

After I moved away, my brother moved into this room so it changed from pink to blue.
I can still imagine the flowery wall-paper that covered one wall and my Holly Hobbie comforter.
There was safety in the walls of this room.

Now this room is my mom’s sewing room. 
Nothing in this room is mine other than the furniture we passed through the family and the suitcases on the floor.
Olivia, almost 16, is asleep in my old bed.  
She’s quickly going to be all grown up and reflecting on her own childhood just as I now reflect on mine. 
What memories will she carry with her?
I hope they’re good. 
I hope she one day sits on her bedroom floor and has good memories of giggling friends and late-night silliness. 

I’m thankful today for a home that prepared for me for anything but an easy life. 
I’m thankful for the foundation my childhood gave me for facing painful losses and many scary and uncertain days. 

I’m thankful I was taught to turn to God for strength and hope in a world that often feels much less safe than this bedroom. 

Today, while full of opportunities to be thankful for and reflect on the past, 
is also an opportunity to create new memories with those we love.

I am determined to do just that today even as my heart is filled up with many things that could make today sad and difficult.  

I’m thankful for my childhood bedroom floor. 
I’m thankful for times to just sit and reflect on how faithful God has been for so many years. 

But I’m also thankful for a new day and new chapter and new opportunity to share His love with those I love so much.  

God was with me as I grew up. 
And He’s with me today. 

For that I am most thankful. 

He’s with you today too!

Have a happy Thanksgiving day as you reflect on the past – both good and bad – and as you spend the day sharing His love with those around you.  

God bless your day!