We’re studying the book of James right now in Sunday school, and my lesson this morning centered around James 1:9-11.

These verses in James talk about how God views the poor in this world as well as how the rich must remember that their treasures are as fleeting as the flowers on a hot day.

My study led me to many other passages that share about what God expects from the church when it comes to the poor and needy,

and it seemed like a perfect morning to share about this movie, “Abel’s Field.”

In this movie, Seth, a typical teenage boy, is faced with the struggle of trying to juggle three jobs while caring for his two little sisters alone after the death of his mother.

Angry at God, church is a place he goes only to get food for his sisters.

Throughout the movie, Seth is faced with a series of tough situations, including conflict with his only brother who drinks away his pain and provides no support for Seth.

His life continues to unravel until he is left on his knees looking up………..

abels field


Click title below to watch a preview of the movie:

Abel’s Field


If you find yourself at the bottom of everything, remember there is still one place to look…..and that is up.

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Thankful for all of you!


Help someone in need today……

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord,
and he will reward them for what they have done.

Prov. 19:17