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Doubt and insecurity………..

These are just a couple of things I have wrestled with in my life as a young girl, daughter, college student, wife, mom, friend, and teacher.

Renee Swope, author of A Confident Heart and dear friend of mine, would say the same thing to you about her life if she were writing this blog post.

I think that’s why I loved her book so much! She made me realize I am normal! As I read each chapter of her book and highlighted Scriptures and spiritual truths, I was reminded that I am not alone in my highs and lows. I realized very quickly that living in this world qualifies each of us for episodes of second-guessing ourselves.

Riding to the airport with Renee late this summer, I got so tickled as I realized that (even as an author) Renee drives a mini-van which is happily overflowing with kid’s toys, sandwich wrappers, and other reminders that her life is made up of more than moments of speaking at women’s events and writing books! More important things!

She does not lose her confidence in the midst of the ordinary, though, and continues to humbly walk a life much like yours and mine.

Throughout her book, A Confident Heart, Renee talks about what we should do when doubt whispers haunting words like,

“I’m not good enough!”

“I’m such a failure!”

“I don’t have anything special to offer.”

“I can’t stop worrying.”

“I can’t follow God consistently.”

As I have faced a new full-time job this year, a son heading to college, a son moving across the United States to live 34 hours away from home, a daughter going through all sorts of things in middle school, and the list goes on an on, I have referred back to Renee’s book many times for reminders that God is with me. When I remember Renee’s story about learning to stop living in the shadow of doubt, I am able to live life in the light of God’s promises and I am able to walk confidently!

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