2009-08-270094 carter caves resized About two weeks after Nick died, Olivia had a dream.  I think I shared about it at the time, but it just comes back to me so often when I watch Olivia play basketball!!  The dream gave her such a feeling of peace about Nick’s death.

2009-08-270095 carter caves resized 2009-08-270096 carter caves resized She dreamt that Nick was sitting on the backboard of the basketball hoop wearing a cream-colored robe.  She said, “Mom, his head was perfect, he was smiling, and he was glowing!”

2009-08-270098 carter caves resized Her dear friend, Whit, traded her jerseys so she could have Nick’s basketball number – 13!!!

2009-08-270097 carter caves resized

Thank you, Whit!!

2009-08-270099 carter caves resized

I can’t help but think that Nick is cheering her on in her basketball career!!!! 

Who could ask for a better audience!?!?

These pictures were taken last Saturday during the East Carter – Boyd County game!

2009-08-270060 carter caves resized

Here’s some of the gang in between games!!!2009-08-270120 carter caves resized

Press on, Lady Raiders!!

Nick is your biggest fan!!!  He loved coming to your games, and when he couldn’t come, he always texted me to check on the score and see how everyone was doing!