I love to imagine my life from God’s perspective.

I love to see wherever I’m at in any given situation as a dot on a map that gets smaller and smaller as it is viewed from a place further and further up in the sky.


When I am able to keep this kind of perspective on my shortcomings and my schedule,

everything seems less “dramatic.”


My inability to cook very well.

My inability to sew.

My tendency to wear my feelings on my sleeve.

My emotional highs and lows.

My insecurities.

My grief.

My complicated personality.

My list of things I need to do.

My responsibilities at home and work.

My moments of not being the friend I want to be to those I love…….or the wife or mom or daughter or sister or sister-in-law or  aunt or cousin or on and on and on….



When I see “me” from God’s perspective,

I realize that anything I do well is truly about as insignificant as anything I don’t do well.

Not because God doesn’t care from His high position,

but because He keeps all my strengths and weaknesses in a healthy perspective compared to all other things going on in this world.


When I view my tiny life as a dot on a gigantic map of people and places covering an entire globe,

I am humbled and comforted at the same time.


Which is why I think this morning is an important morning to see “the test” from God’s perspective.


Our county is entering testing week this morning.

Many schools in America may have already had this critical week of school and many others may be heading into it in the next couple of weeks,

but for Carter County this week is the week.


Teachers have worked hard all year to teach the content.

They’ve invested time, money, and energy helping their students learn as much as they can learn.

They’ve creatively encouraged the kids to do their very best in pre-testing spirit weeks.

Click HERE to see some of the things our teachers have done to inspire their students.


Now the time has come.

Teachers will hand out test booklets and pencils.

Students will take their tests.

Results will be calculated.

Data will be analyzed.


The stress level is high in a test-driven society.


But, I just feel compelled this morning to remind everyone to view this week from God’s perspective.

We are tiny dots on a world map,

and this test is even tinier than us.


So, take a deep breath.

Hand out your tests and breathe.

It’s going to be okay.


And students, do your best and let God do the rest.


God’s got the whole world in His hands,

so He’s got this test in His hands too. Smile



And He’s got all our other worries and stresses too.



Matt. 10:29-30

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?

Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.

And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Today, remember this:

His eye is on the sparrow.

His eye is on you too.

Rest in that truth.

You are loved.