Tim and I called Erich at midnight last night to wish him a happy birthday.  We woke him up!  It was only 6 a.m. in Kenya.

He sounded good though!

He’s having a wonderful experience in the clinic there and has learned so much about medicine, illnesses, and the language of the people.

Today as I scurry around getting ready for Nickapalooza, my “little buddy” Erich will be in my heart…. (ok, he use to be my little buddy)


I’m whispering a prayer for all of you who visit here today.that your days are filled with the joy that can come only from the Lord.  One of the lead singers from a Nickapalooza band shared thise verse with me the other night,

“The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

He then went on to explain that without the joy of the Lord we become weak and more open to the devil’s attacks…as the devil is roaming around “seeking” whom he may devour.  He preys on the weak.  The strong have the joy of the Lord.

I have struggled the last few weeks with joy.

It was so good to hear these words from Joe.  Thank you, Joe!  They truly blessed me!

i pray they bless your day too.

With love and thanks for all of you,