Twenty years ago today, we opened our hearts all the way up to love a new little bundle of joy.

No reservations.

No hesitations.

Our arms were eager to hold her.

Our lips were filled with kisses for her sweet little cheeks,

our precious Adrienne Annabeth Nischan.

We didn’t know this gift would only be ours for 6 1/2 weeks, but we did know this:

She was a gift.

I don’t think a minute went by in her short little life when she wasn’t fully aware of our love for her.

And for that I am thankful today.








Praying you find reasons to be thankful today even if your heart has been broken.

Happy birthday, Adrienne!

We will always be thankful for the gift of YOU!

And one day, one glorious day, we will see you in Heaven, and every one of our tears will be exchanged for songs of joy!

Until then, know you are loved by so many here!