When Jennifer Burch from Lovell Fairchild Communications contacted me about reviewing DaySpring‘s new family Christmas product called “The Happy Birthday, Jesus Kit,” I thought it sounded very interesting and fun!

After receiving my sample kit and reading through the little program booklet, I decided that rather than simply writing a little about how wonderful the party idea sounded I would throw a little birthday party for a few kids from the neighborhood and experience the

“Really Woolly Birthday Bash for Jesus” firsthand!

Thank you, Lela, for making our birthday cake!!!  It was perfect!

And I just loved the candles that came in the supply kit, too!

happy birthday jesus 227

happy birthday jesus 219

happy birthday jesus 256

happy birthday jesus 234

This is Lela!!  I love you!!

happy birthday jesus 183

This is me with Lela’s mom, Martha, and also with sweet little Ian….my friend Brooke’s little brown-eyed boy!!  Ian has been like a little gift to me since having to give Nick back to Heaven. 

Nick was my only brown-eyed little baby.  It’s amazing how God gives us children to love when our arms are aching for a hug.  And it’s amazing how He gave me something as simple as a birthday party for His Son to free my mind temporarily from thoughts of the parties my son is missing. 

The “Happy Birthday, Jesus” supply kit included some cute decorations and balloons that I hung up around the house!

happy birthday jesus 261

I ran to our church choir room and borrowed some shepherd costumes for the kids to wear!  It was so fun to welcome each child into our home and then watch each of them transform into a little Bible character!!

happy birthday jesus 174

happy birthday jesus 201

2009-12-06 499 happy birthday jesus resize  happy birthday jesus 186

 happy birthday jesus 178

happy birthday jesus 246happy birthday jesus 173

happy birthday jesus 251

One of the craft ideas was a little tambourine to play while singing along with the Christmas music online at the interactive website.

happy birthday jesus 248  happy birthday jesus 237 happy birthday jesus 214  Many of the supplies needed for this party can be found around your home or easily borrowed from a friend.happy birthday jesus 164 We also made musical shakers!  This little guy, Grady, wanted to sing,

“Have a happy birthday, Jesus,

Fa la la la la..la la la la”

over and over again!happy birthday jesus 204I loved watching the kids faces as they interacted with each other and worked on their crafts!

happy birthday jesus 199

happy birthday jesus 197

happy birthday jesus 254

happy birthday jesus 185

We watched the Really Woolly video online during the party so that the kids could learn a little about what it means to give gifts to The Shepherd.  I was amazed at all of the games and fun activity sheets that are available online!  Kids can spend hours learning about Jesus from a sweet little cartoon lamb named Really Woolly!

happy birthday jesus 182   Several moms stayed to help which made the party much, much easier and more fun for me!  happy birthday jesus 184  happy birthday jesus 228  2009-12-06 474 happy birthday jesus resize

I bought an eight-pack set of play-doh for one dollar at The Dollar Tree, so each child was able to go home with a little gift and I wasn’t out a lot of money!!!!

2009-12-06 516 happy birthday jesus resize

I love how even a simple coloring sheet of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus can have such meaning!  Only God could take an ordinary carpenter, a teenage girl, a stable, some farm animals,and a little baby lying in a manger filled with hay and create the greatest story ever told!

happy birthday jesus 258The faces of the kids made this little party so worthwhile!   happy birthday jesus 239 2009-12-06 500 happy birthday jesus resize  happy birthday jesus 175  

happy birthday jesus 271 happy birthday jesus 238

I highly recommend this birthday supply kit to anyone who wants to create a special Christmas memory with their children or with their Sunday school class or neighborhood! 

What a great tradition to start on your street!!!

happy birthday jesus 025

If you’d like to know more about DaySpring’s “Happy Birthday, Jesus Kit” simply click on this link.

Thank you, Jennifer, for giving me the opportunity to create a special memory in my home.  In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and a period of extremely painful grief in my personal life, it blessed my heart greatly to focus on some of God’s very special little children and on His One and Only Son…..Our Savior!

He is the Reason for the Season!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!